Dynamics GP 2018 R2 to be released in Canada October 1 2018

We’re all excited for the Microsoft Business Applications release of Dynamics GP 2018 R2 in Canada.  Originally the release was set for later in the year (December), but has been pulled forward to align with the new October 1 2018 release of Dynamics 365 Business Central (Formerly Dynamics NAV 2018).

Some of the new features that GP 2018 R2 include is mention of the new “Inteligent Edge” by Microsoft as a means to syncronize key information from Dynamics GP into the Microsoft Cloud for gaining access to Power BI reports and other Microsoft Power Apps.  Microsoft will be using its new Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP, as the front end for these new PowerBI reports as we expect as part of the security of the SQL Server repository of information that is synced.

Some of the new User Requested feature and fixes announced by Microsoft (Thanks Terry Heley)

Financial Enhancements

Exclude items in HITB with zero quantities

Transaction level post to GL

Payroll Pay code start and end dates

Payroll shared maximums for deductions and benefits (federal requirement for 401K)
Monthly and Bimonthly recurring batches
Don’t display inactive checkbooks in Look ups

Payroll check register FICA totals
Don’t allow duplicate check numbers for Bank trx entry, Misc checks  and payroll manual checks

-Purchasing Usability
Mass update inactive from Navigation List – Inactivate Reactivate Temporary

Add Vendor doc number to Purchase all in one

Checkbook ID defaults on computer check batch

Allow partial purchase on a purchase requisition from a PO

Email PO other template from PO Entry

Display Vendor Hold Status

-Sales Optimization
Print Invoice in Functional from SOP Navigation List

Sales Transaction Workflow
New SmartList for Deposits on Unposted Sales Transactions

Print and email SOP document at the same time

Customer /Combiner retain ship to address

Additional sort options on SOP Item Inquiry

Email customer statements

-Top Feature Requests

Hide Business Analyzer for all users

Increase Dynamics GP password maximum length to 21 characters

Password expiration notification

SmartList Designer Favorites display in Nav List

Web Client with workflow Org Accounts (Mid Year)

Regional Date format in web client (Mid Year)
TWAIN for scanning, doc attach (Mid Year)


Come back again to learn more about GP 2018 R2, once it is released and Endeavour Solutions’ GP upgrade page at www.endeavoursolutions.ca/GPupgrade

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