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Adobe security warning affecting Microsoft Dynamics GP

April 2019 – Endeavour is aware of an issue caused by a recent update to Adobe Writer / Adobe Professional. This issue is impacting all versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP when creating PDF documents. The issue relates to a new security message that appears when GP attempts to create a PDF document.

The Adobe security message appears BEHIND the main GP interface.

This Adobe security warning affecting Microsoft Dynamics GP is preventing users from interacting with the message. GP may appear to be frozen.

If your organization uses Adobe Professional / Adobe Writer along with Dynamics GP, you will need to make the changes outlined in the Adobe technical article linked below.

Common uses of Adobe Writer and Dynamics GP include the Paystub Emailer add-on from Encore and the Emailer add-on from Binary Stream – to name a few. This issue does not apply to emailing PDF documents via the Dynamics GP Word Template functionality.

Adobe – https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/kb/security-warning-postscript-pdf.html

If you need additional assistance, or would like to jointly test to see if this issue applies to your Dynamics GP environment, please contact the Endeavour Solutions Support desk by emailing support@endeavoursolutions.ca .

Visit Endeavour Solutions Support

Endeavour Dynamics GP Support Page Canada: https://www.endeavoursolutions.ca/Support

Endeavour Dynamics GP USA page: https://www.endeavoursolutions.ca/USA

Dynamics GP Adobe Issue April 2019

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