Endeavour Exclusive Webinar-Extend the Power of GP with Tools That Will Rock Your World.

Endeavour Solutions will be hosting its last webinar of 2014, showcasing three different products from Rockton software that create efficiencies, remove headaches, and solve financial mysteries in Dynamics GP.

Learn How Rockton’s Dynamics GP Tools Can Rock Your World

            Tuesday, December 16th at 10:30am EST.

    Steve Ewing of Endeavour Solutions along with Alicia Weigel of Rockton Software
Co-Host: Extend the Power of Dynamics GP With Tools That Will Rock Your World 

 The Three Products Covered Include:

SmartFill for Dynamics GP– Find information faster with SmartFill, the  Google-style data search tool.

Dynamics GP Toolbox – 25 helpful tools in one convenient package? Dynamics GP Toolbox is packed with tools that enhance system security, accelerate IT administration, simplify business processes, and improve user experience.

AuditorChanges happen everyday in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Now you have a way to track them all.

To register and for more information, click here.

Your feedback is always welcome and if there are any third party apps you are interested in learning more about, let us know and we will work to coordinate them into our 2014-2015 webinar schedule.
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