Not Just For Sales and Marketing- CRM for Finance and Accounting Teams

CRM for Finance and Accounting Teams

It seems like today, finance and accounting departments have more pressure on them than ever before. As a member of one of these teams, you already know that budgets are tighter, collections are more important, and cash flow is the lifeblood of your company. That’s why CRM may be your new best friend.

Originally introduced to market years ago as a contact and task manager for sales people, CRM systems have evolved into a powerful financial forecasting, management, and analysis tool in every industry.  

Not Your Typical Technology Tool

Finance and accounting teams aren’t typically involved with CRM system selection or implementation… however, that trend is changing.  CRM has become so robust and versatile that it’s now an important tool used across company departments and job roles.  Tracking everything from marketing expenses to labour costs, CRM systems are allowing finance to analyze sales and marketing expenditures, accelerate cash flow, and zero in on marketing activities that generate the most value. 

CRM dashboards

Integration is the Key

Through the built-in integration between Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM, CFOs are reducing costs and creating a catalyst for company growth thanks to comprehensive reports that combine sales, marketing, accounting, and operational data to help you make better-informed business decisions. CRM systems provide a 360 degree view of your entire organization by consolidating data from every corner and department of the company.

How Accounting and Finance Use Data from CRM:

  • Track & Analyze Marketing Costs – Discover what’s delivering the most bang for your buck.
  • Assign measureable and quantifiable metrics to leads, cost-to-close, labour, and overhead in your sales department.
  • Revenue and Expenses Reporting – combine revenue and expenses across your entire organization to predict future cash flow and make better financial decisions.
  • Evaluate your Customer Service and collections activities to ensure they’re efficient, effective, and cross-sell opportunities are maximized.

If you’re an Accounting Manager, CFO or the Director of Finance, it’s time to look at CRM.  This traditional “sales and marketing” technology might just be the best financial tool you’ve discovered in years.

Learn More About CRM for Accounting and Finance Teams

For more information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM or to schedule an online demo, please contact Steve Ewing or phone 905-542-2139 at Endeavour Solutions

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