Endeavour Solutions and eOne Co-Present the Number One Best Selling App for GP.

smart viewWe recently announced that Endeavour Solutions will be featuring ongoing webinars showcasing add-in applications for Dynamics GP based on some of the challenges our customers have told us about. These apps benefit organizations either financially or will streamline processes within your existing GP system.Our second upcoming webinar introduces the number one selling GP add-on, Smart View from eOne. They will also demo the Smart List Builder. Many Dynamics GP licensees use the out of the box SmartList but Smart View takes the tool that most love and makes it even better. Smart View provides an alternate, fast, easy to use and more flexible interface to all existing SmartLists. This affordable solution is used by over 13,500 companies worldwide.

Learn How Smart View Expands SmartList’s Reporting Capabilities for GP

                 Steve Ewing of Endeavour Solutions along with Abbey Cooper and Nicole Albertson of eOne will co-host: Smart View, the Number One Selling App for GP on Tuesday, October 28th at 10:30am EST.

Faster, Simpler, More Filters, Totals and Grouping. SmartView reporting removes the headaches and hassles by joining forces with SmartList to remove any reporting limitations and get the data to those who need it in your organization. Highlights of Smart View include:

  • See Screens/Lists Faster, Like 10x Faster  
  • Send Smart View Lists to Non-GP Users
  • Drag, Drop, and Customize All Columns. Simple!
  • Unlimited Filters to Customize Lists Exactly As You Want
  • Export, Copy and Paste Right Into Excel

Smart View lets you give SmartList access to all Non Microsoft Dynamics GP users, meaning your entire company is connected without the need for additional licenses.

To register and for more information, click here

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