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New Features of the SmartList Designer in GP 2013 R2

SmartList Designer is a function available with the new version of GP 2013 R2. It is an alternate to the existing 3rd party application ‘SmartList Builder’ from eOne. It is available at no extra cost with the initial install and offers the ability to create simple SmartLists without needing to purchase a 3rd party application.

Below is a list of the major Pros and Cons comparing SmartList Designer to the 3rd party application, SmartList Builder:


  • Create and modify SmartLists without buying the 3rd party SmartList Builder.
  • Link multiple tables to view more information.
  • New ‘preview’ function within the SmartList Designer window to preview the SmartList without having to exit out of the window.
    • SQL query preview is also available but is strictly read-only text.
  • Allows queries from SQL views.


  • No options for key Builder functions:
    • Excel Based Reporting
    • Building Go Tos
    • Drill Downs
  • No formatting options for the cell values of the resulting SmartList.

*Except currency for the calculated field.

  • Cannot reorder columns.
    • Columns are ordered in the order they are added.
  • Cannot rename column names.
    • Columns are named with the field name in SQL.
  • Cannot use additional data sources:
    • SQL Tables
    • SQL Scripts
    • SQL Objects
    • Extender Resources
    • SmartLists

All in all, SmartList Designer is a very useful tool for new GP installs to build simple SmartLists for newer users. It allows the flexibility for creating additional SmartLists, but shouldn’t be looked at as an alternative to SmartList Builder if complex SmartLists or reporting are required.

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Changes to Workflow Types and Features Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains 2013 R2

With the recent launch of Dynamics GP 2013 R2 there are many new changes you may want to pay attention to that may benefit or impact your organization. Let’s have a look at the changes to Workflow Types and Features.

Dynamics GP 2013 R2 now has a new workflow system, utilizing a custom workflow engine based in the GP code. The workflow design experience is now in a GP window, replacing the prior GP Workflow system, and removing the dependency on SharePoint.

This system allows users to design workflows, such as approval paths, for documents in Dynamics GP.

Workflow Types

  • Purchase Order Approval
  • Purchase Requisition Approval
  • Payroll Timecard Approval
  • Project Timesheet Approval

Workflow Features

  • Workflow Maintenance
  • Email Notification
  • Access through GP & Responding to Email in Outlook
  • Workflow History
  • User Delegation
  • Workflow Calendar

workflow comparison

Common Scenarios (PO)

  • Simple Workflow
  • With Multiple First Steps
  • With Multiple Approval Paths – Parallel Workflow
  • With Converging Steps – Branching Workflow
  • With Multiple Approvers in a Step
  • An Approver is an Originator


Simple Workflow

simple workflow


Workflow with Multiple First Steps

Workflow with multiple first steps


Workflow with Multiple Approval Paths – Parallel Workflow

workflow with mulitple approval paths


Workflow with Converging – Branching Workflow

Workflow with Converging- Branching Workflow

Workflow with Multiple Approvers in a Step

  • Take the first response
  • Majority must approve
  • All must approve

Workflow with Multiple Approvers in a Step


Workflow Maintenance

workflow maintenance


Email Notification Maintenance

email notification maintenance


Email Message Setup

Email message set up


Access Through GP

Access through GP

Responding to Email in Outlook

Responding to email in outlook


Workflow History

Workflow History


User Delegation

user delegation


Workflow Calendar

Workflow Calendar



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What’s All the Talk About Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence, or “BI” as it’s commonly called, is a popular buzzword in the software industry.  But as technology has matured, today’s BI is more than just a buzzword … it’s an affordable necessity for small and medium-sized businesses.


In fact, you have a fantastic set of BI tools that are built right in to your Microsoft Dynamics GP software that can help slice and dice your way to better profitability.  First, let’s talk about what BI is exactly.


The Right Information at the Right Time

BI is an umbrella term that describes a variety of tools involved in the process of gathering & organizing data into graphical views and meaningful reports that enable quick and informed decisions. Put simply, BI delivers the right information in the right format to the right person at the right time.


Without the tools that BI offers, it can be difficult to harness the volumes of data in your Microsoft Dynamics GP system in a timely fashion.  The resulting “information overload” can delay important business decisions.  The ultimate objective of BI is to improve the relevance, timeliness and quality of useful information.

Business Intelligence

No “Techie” Required

One of the most important aspects of BI tools is that they enable non-technical users (like managers and executives) to create charts, graphs, and meaningful reports that interpret large volumes of data without the need for a technical degree.  Too often key decision makers are forced to wait weeks or even months while the data they need is extracted and compiled by the IT department in a report that arrives well “after the fact.”


It’s Not Just for “The Suits”

One of the nice things about BI is that it works great as both a strategic and operational tool.  Strategically, managers and owners can analyze trends, gross profit margins, and other key performance indicators. Operationally, departmental personnel can streamline procedures.  Consider the example of a collections department that goes through a series of tasks, reports, call logs, customer notes, and possibly information in external spreadsheets to determine which customers are overdue.


Contact us today to learn more about Business Intelligence Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics GP or to schedule an online demo.


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Deliver Great Experiences and Grow Revenue-Highlights of CRM 2013


In our socially connected 24×7 world, it’s never been more important for you to deliver top-notch customer experiences and service. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 helps your business do just that. With a simple to operate user interface, Dynamics CRM 2013 bridges the gap between marketing, sales, and customer service – helping you deliver consistent customer experiences and grow revenue.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the top features of CRM 2013.


CRM dashboards

Stimulating User Experience

Get in, get done, and get going with a simple, visually stimulating interface. The data is now more organized and easily accessed where and when you need it most. Dynamics CRM 2013 minimizes distractions and improves productivity. Dashboards make reporting a breeze.


Process Excellence & Agility

Guided Processes take the guesswork out of your workflow by helping you determine what to do next. With guided processes you’ll always know where you are in the process, what tasks have been finished, and what projects still have to be completed.

With the ability to easily create new or modify existing business processes, you can adapt your business to market or industry changes custom to your business.


CRM Wherever You Want It

The new Mobile Applications for Windows Tablets, Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone and Android devices keeps you connected to the customer, account, and lead information you need whether in the office or on-the-run.

What’s more? Each new mobile application is touch optimized allowing you to easily update and modify records on the go.


Business Without Borders

Dynamics CRM 2013 gives your team the tools to collaborate and communicate across your business.


Want to learn more? Contact us for more information about Dynamics CRM

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Microsoft Social Listening Walkthrough

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